Biosignature Modulation - £430 BOOK A PACKAGE

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Biosignature Modulation

Personal Trainers providing the £430 Biosignature Modulation Package

Nikki Clarke

Biosignature Modulation

This specific biosignature modulation package is a 12 week package and includes a full nutritional assessment, Biosignature Modulation testing, health and lifestyle screening and a complete physical assessment. After we have run all the necessary tests in our initial 90 minute consultation we will write you a nutrition and supplementation plan that you will follow. This will be altered and changed as you progress to ensure that you continue to make progress throughout.

We will meet fortnightly to test and re-assess progress and alter as necessary to ensure you reach your goals.  With this package there is no training plan or training advice included.  If this is required then please look at our Personal Training and Biosignature Modulation package.