10 Jun

5min warmup on the WattBike

Cycle at a reasonable pace, ensuring your legs are warm and your breathing fairly heavy.


10 sec sprint on the minute, every minute for a further 10mins.

When I say sprint, I mean an all out sprint.

Imagine a rabid dog chasing you, foaming at the mouth, snarling, about to literally tear you to pieces.
What would you do?  You would sprint like never before.  You would put 100% effort in because your very existence depended on it.

Well, that's what you must do on the WattBike, 

Get off the bike, drink some water and then grab a skipping rope.

Set your timer for 15mins and just skip.

Take a break whenever you need to which is usually after each minute, depending on your fitness levels of course.

Performing this before breakfast could illicit a more potent fat burning effect, depending on which side of the fence you sit when it comes to the research.

Personally, I find "fasted cardio" to be extremely effective but that's just me.  Fasted or postprandial, it doesn't matter.
Photo courtesy of unsplash