18 May

A client comes to see me and wants to lose weight.

She says to me " just tell me what I need to do, I will do anything to get rid of this weight"

She wants to lose about 10kg

I said " you need to a few key things every day and do them consistently. Don't do your own version of them

* Prepare your own food and bring it in each day

* Eat protein and vegetables with all your meals

* Don't skip a meal because you think you need to eat less

* Drink 2-3 litres of water per day

* Do 1 extra weight training session on top of the 3 we already do

* Don't step on the scales every day

* and limit your running to 5km per week"

Client comes in after the weekend....

"I had a great run at the weekend, she said. I ran 8km, felt really good.

^^3km more than I said...

Did you do your other weights session?


Did you eat well?

Yes, but I skipped a few meals.


Well I felt fat...

I then worked out that she had maybe eaten about 800kcal on one day

Drink much booze?


Sleep well?


"It was a bad weekend and I've put on 2 lbs but I really want to lose this 10kg, just tell me what I need to do".

And this scenario will be played out over and over again with her and so many other people this year...

...UNTIL she decides to get serious and decides that enough is enough, "I'm ready to make the necessary changes in my life"

It's pretty cool when you see someone say "Right, that's it, I'm doing it and nothing will stop me",

Because when it gets to this level, when the pain is this real, you know that in most cases it will be true.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Do you get on the scales most days and judge your results on whether the scale goes up or down?

Do you struggle with sticking to any plan when it comes to diet and exercise?

Do you finally want to make some big changes?