15 May

1) Drink More Water.

After consistently having high calorie beverages on hand in the form of beer, wine, sodas, and juices, just swapping these out for plain water, or even flavoured with lemon or lime, will vastly reduce the calories you're consuming without doing anything at all to your diet. Many people also mistake thirst for hunger so before you reach for that snack, try drinking some water first and see how you feel in 10 minutes time.

2) Don't Eat On The Go. Make A Meal Of It.

Eating on the run generally involves food coming from a packet which straight off the bat we know is not ideal. Likely high in fat and carbs with not a lot of protein it will do little to help with your hunger and is often more habitual rather than due to actual necessity. Sitting down and eating a proper meal will make you feel fuller for longer and also make you appreciate the food that you are putting into your body rather than mindlessly munching.

3) Increase Your Protein Intake.

Protein being what our bodies are made up of is not only essential to our health, it will also help greatly fight off those hunger cravings. Protein prolongs the satiety of a meal for much longer than carbohydrates or fats, therefore you'll inherently eat less. Add to this the thermogenesis caused by digesting extra proteins (the burning of extra calories to digest protein) and it's easy to see why I recommend eating some for of protein with every meal.

4) Be Honest With Your Fitness Regime.

Coming back from the holiday mode and back into a fitness plan can appear daunting. In all honesty we are our own worst enemies. Don't procrastinate and put off work outs as before you know it you've gone two weeks with very little exercise. If you know you'll have a hard time sticking to a plan be honest with yourself and it may be time to invest in a professional to help give you some accountability and make sure you're on the right track.

5) De-Stress Your Home and Work Place.

First few weeks back in the office always end up being a nightmare with things to catch up on or new projects to start. Home life goes from no worries to trying to get things back into a routine. Most people binge or overeat when stressed so slow yourself down, take a step back and relax.