10 May

"I'm gonna beast her today, you watch. She won't be able to sit down for a week" he said.

"I've got this killer workout called “porky pig”. She will be squealing after this one hahaha"

'Twas a conversation I had with a trainer in our studio just the other week. I say conversation rather loosely. He told me this and I just nodded in agreement with a slightly bemused look on my face and thought to myself "wtf?"

"Louise", his client is a little overweight.

She is, If I'm honest, a bit lazy and always ten minutes late for her twice weekly sessions with "Jack"

Jack has been getting fed up with her moaning about the sessions and arriving late but even more so with the fact she is always saying "how do I get rid of the fat on my arse" yet is unwilling to do anything about her diet or put any effort into her sessions.

Louise just doesn't value the sessions and as she isn’t getting any results they “just seem to be a waste of my time really”

I guess his “porky pig” workout is his pay back.

Now, I have to admit that somewhere deep down inside, something stirred, wanted to laugh and even relished the idea of doing this with a few of my clients...

...You know one of those moments where you want to get your own back. Deeply satisfying but just not the right course of action and certainly not something you should entertain that often.

‘I’m gonna go medieval on her ass’, he shouted across the gym floor in his best Marsellus Wallace impression, which I have to admit, did make me laugh out loud.

‘You know that film is one of my all time favourites, Jack?’

For those of you not familiar with this quote, character or film, he was referring to the Tarantino classic of 94’, “Pulp Fiction”

It’s a bloody great movie and one you should see but back to the matter in hand for now.

Louise is a pain, yes. She’s always late, yes and she always moans about her sessions and how “they don’t work" and how “all that protein can’t be good for me” and “if cardio doesn't do much why is everyone in the gym doing it?”

This is ALL true but she doesn't need Jack or anyone else to “go medieval on her ass”, however satisfying that may seem.

What she needs is to be shown the value of the sessions and the value of her own time with her trainer.

She clearly doesn't trust Jack or she wouldn't be second-guessing him all the time. If she valued her sessions she wouldn't be ten minutes late all the time.

BUT, and this is a big but. Until she starts to respect herself and believe in herself she can’t respect her trainer or her session.

I’ve wanted to go “medieval” on a few clients over the years but it’s not the answer.

There is tough love and there is beasting someone so they can’t walk for a five days. Tough love is having a stern talk with someone about their attitude and the fact that unless they actually listen and want to make a few changes to their lifestyle that “fat arse” is going to remain fat.

Tough love is pulling someone up when they say they've blown their diet and ‘it’s only a Monday night for Christ’s sake’.

Tough love is looking someone in the eye and telling them that it’s not acceptable to turn up late every time and then moan about their results.

So the next time you are with your trainer and he/she puts you on the sled for ten minutes followed by four rounds of heavy farmers walk into step ups and dumbbell squat and press and then repeat x 4 for 5 rounds in total, ask yourself this question... I like ‘Louise’ and is my trainer going “medieval on my ass” or is my trainer just giving me what I need to get the best results.

I guess only you will know the answer to this.