7 Feb

Elite EC2 personal trainer talks about building a solid foundation for weight loss

Jay Copley, Elite EC2 personal trainer talks about successful weight loss



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What it feels like in the beginning is not what it's going to feel like forever. That's what you need to get your head around. The beginning is the hardest, the foundation is what matters the most. More time is spent on that then anything else. The foundation is the hardest part to get right, but once it's in place, it's easy.... Like the structure of a new building, once the foundations are built everything then goes up real quick.

Give it three weeks, studies show that if you do something everyday for 3 weeks it will become ingrained in your system. 

Most energy and effort is needed at the start the get you going. Take a NASA space shuttle. It requires more fuel and energy to lift it off the ground then at any other point during its trip. Our problem comes in thinking that that initial energy needed at the start, is what is needed throughout the whole process, this isn't the case. You will adapt, it will become easier for you.


Successful people are no different to you and I

From the outside beginners look at successful people and think, how do they do this, I don't understand how they can do this. Of course you don't, because you have never immersed yourself in that process. But the moment you do you realise that you are just as capable! Successful people are not made of something different, as different as you think they are. They are flesh and blood like me and you.


Life is more about conditioning and habitual routine, then it is about genetics. You may be endowed with certain gifts or qualities but the person who works the hardest at the most consistent level will always prevail!

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