9 Feb

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The gym on holiday has limited equipment so this morning's workout was a case of making do.

Here's what we did to minimise the damage of the huge calorie intake.

A1 - Leg curl x 10 straight into...
A2 - Leg extension x 10.

Rest 60 secs.

Repeat x 4

B1 - Stiff legged deadlifts x 12 straight into...
B2 - Goblet squat x 12. Rest 60 secs

Repeat x 4

C1 - Db. squat x 15 with 2 @ 20kg straight into...
C2 - Db. squat x 12 with 2 @ 15kg straight into...
C2 - Jumping squats x 10 @ bodyweight. Rest 60 secs

Repeat x 4

As we didn't have access to big weights and a squat rack we needed to increase the intensity to get the desired training effect.

We did this by super setting the exercises back to back, keeping the rest periods to a minimum and therefore making the workout really quite tough on both the muscular and the respiratory system.

Short and sweet, over in 35 mins but we were both sweating profusely with our heart rates racing.

The aim of a workout like this is not to gain muscle, strength or to even improve in any area.

It's simply to keep things ticking over, keep the metabolism high and the body using as much fat as possible...

...which allows us to indulge that little bit more.

Try this workout if you are pushed for time and want to hit your lower body hard and get a great cardio workout too. 


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