13 Sep

Increased Energy

Poliquin Magnesium - Magenesium deficiency is a common scenario for people.  The Poliquin Magnesium Glycine supplement is highly absorbable and helps with muscle recovery by relaxing muscles and may also help aid a good night's sleep which is important for rest and repair.  Magnesium is an energising and relaxing mineral to help aid sleep and to support tense shoulders.   If you have had a night on the tiles you can also use the support magnesiun provides to get that all important recovery.

Poliquin Licorice Supreme - Feeling exhausted or just struggling to get going in the morning then this may be the product for you.  Licorice can be helpful if you are suffering from adrenal fatigue often indicated if your morning energy levels are depleted due to low cortisol.  Cortisol levels should naturally rise significantly between 6am and 8am and drop throughout the day to aid better sleep

Fat Loss

Poliquin Green Tea - I'm sure you must already be aware of all the advantages and benefits of Green Tea as it is recommended through so may different sources.  Good quality Green Tea has been researched to help burn fat and increase energy levels.  The poliquin brand is rich in antioxidants, which may help reduce excess production of free radicals during exercise.

Poliquin Proflora Excellence - Probiotic helps put back healthy bacteria and helps boost absorption of B vitamins for Energy and Biotin for healthly skin.  Reduces unhealthy bacteria which are linked to inflammation and obesity.

Poliquin Omnizyme - Digestive enzyme that improves digestion and absorption of nutrients and may help reduce bloating.

Poliquin Lipotropic Excellence - Lipotropic (liver support) which includes dandelion which is a natural diuretic and guggul which helps manage choloestrol levels.  Overall helps promote healthly elimination of bodily wastes and supports digestion of fat and processes ostrogen.  A sluggish liver can result in tiredness and skin rashes.

Poliquin Complete Multi and Poliquin Complete Multi Iron Free - This is a multi vitamin / mineral which supplies extra B vitamins including B5 which supports weight loss.  It also includes chromium which reduces cravings and balances your blood sugar levels.  A good quality multivitamin / mineral is essential if you are undergoing a sports programme as it helps to suppot energy pathways during exercise. 

Poliquin EPA DHA - This is a potent omega three fish oil which helps support circulation and absorption of nutrients to cells.  It also helps to keep your joints supple particularly important during exercise.  It supports energy through improving circulation.  Fish oil may also help fat burning when combined with a healthy diet. This product supports a healthy heart, joints and is mood balancing.  It helps aid the absoption of calcium and through its role in supporting joint health may also reduce inflammation.

Poliquin CLA - This supplement is a healthy fat that is found in small amounts of milk.  Research for this product suggests that it may help fat buring when combined with exercise.

Work out for wrinkles

Poliquin Collagen Complex is a supplement that supports skin structure and results from a 20 week study on this product showed a 20% reduction in lines and wrinkles.  Hair was also thickened and nails strengthened.  The results have been published and are in the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology

Many people nowadays give serious consideration to botox with the pressures to look good and the self esteem gained from a less wrinkled face.  Poliquin have two products that can assist with this without resorting to injections or frozen facial features.  The first is the product above.  The second is the Poliquin supplement GLA which is an essential omega 6 oil.  This oil supports skin health, particularly in reducing dryness and inflammation. 

Osteoporosis or low body weight

Did you know that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 7 men may have osteoporosis at any time.  This painful, sometimes debilitating illness can happen at any time and is difficult to protect against as it even affects prople eating and drinking a good range of dairy products.  Poliquin Bone Matrix supplement is a highly absorbable calcium / magnesium complex formulated from microcrystalline hydroxyapatite (MCHC) which provides complete nutrition for bones.  The product is also strongly recommended for anyone who is keeping their body weight very low, for instance for specific sports or just because they are happier to do so.

Serious Fitness

Poliquin Allostatic Stamina - This supplement is important for any serious sports person and contains some highly regarded ingredients.  The Poliquin Allostatic Stamina supplement contains stress busting rhiodola and ashwaganda.  These are important during intense training sessions.  It is also combined with cordycep mushrooms which have a very good reputation at boosting VO2 MAX.