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12 week Transformation

Personal Trainer Daniel Steven provides a £1,560 12 week Body Transformation Package

See the profile of Injury Specialist and Elite Personal Trainer Daniel Steven who provides the Body Transformation Package


Introduction to the Body transformation personal training package provided by Personal Trainer Daniel Steven at just £1,560


Want to lose that extra weight gained over Christmas and feel more energetic?


Always struggled to attain the physique you’ve always wanted?


Tried training and dieting on your own to little or no results?


If so, this 12 Week Transformation is exactly what you need.


Daniel Steven has been helping clients change their physiques for years. Ranging from skinny to muscular, and from obese to toned. Daniel has helped men and women achieve phenomenal results.

Personal Traiiner Liverpool Street Aldgate Moorgate Tower Hill E1 EC1 Body Transformation 12 week package Daniel Steven

Personal Traiiner Body Transformation 12 week package

















What The Package Provides:

This 12 Week Transformation package for new clients is designed to get you in the best shape of your life. For only £65 per hour you can get Daniel’s personal training, Injury Rehab, and Nutritional coaching knowledge twice a week for 12 weeks! This offer is for new clients looking to make serious changes to their physique.


Total package includes = £1560 and includes:


Bespoke training program designed specifically for your goals and experience:


-        2 Intensive 1 hour Personal Training sessions a week for 12 weeks in a fully equipped private studio just moments from Liverpool Street.


-        Various styles of Personal Training are used to achieve maximum results, from Kettlebells to ViPR to TRX to weight lifting and more; one things certain – you won’t get bored!


-        Tracking every session digitally enables Daniel to make sure progressions are made consistently




Bespoke nutritional program designed around your lifestyle and based on the most recent scientific research:


-        Weekly “Body Check-up” = multiple measurements and photos are taken to ensure progression is being made and to monitor the efficacy of both the training and nutrition.


-        Using ‘Energy Expenditure’ and ‘Calorie Consumption’ enables an accurate nutritional plan to be created specifically for you and your lifestyle making sure there’s nothing left to chance


-        Online support to help make sure you don’t fall off the wagon.