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Ignite PT Bikini Fitness/Diva Personal Training Package


The Bikini Fitness package is perfect for those ladies who are looking to shape up for film/photoshoots, looking to step on stage in a fitness competition or just to transform yourself into a better and stronger you. It is a great package available to women of all fitness levels to embrace their physicality, improve their health and vitality and build strength.

Scarlet is a competitive bodybuilder and body transformation specialist who specialises in assisting women transform and sculpt their body to suit individual goals.

What the package provides:

The Bikini/Diva Personal Training Package covers all aspects from training to diet and Scarlet will ensure her clients receive the best support possible during what can be a very physically and mentally demanding journey.

Your one to one training sessions will include a variety of training techniques from bodybuilding to weightlifting covering all aspects from strength to endurance to ensure your body will thrive and advance in a way that will avoid plateau. There will be an individual training program to accommodate your current fitness level and ability and amend this throughout as this will change.

A tailored nutrition program outlining every aspect of your food and drink intake including your daily: macros and calorie intake, likes and dislikes, quantity consumption, timings and hydration, all of which are structured for optimal muscle growth and fat loss.

Throughout the plan, there will be weekly/biweekly check-ins to assess how your progression is coming along which consists of weight and body measurements, nutrition plan checks and progress photos. 

Block of 10 PT sessions = £550