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Rehabilitation with Daniel

Personal Trainer Daniel Steven provides a £700 Rehabilitation Package

See the profile of Injury Specialist and Elite Personal Trainer Daniel Steven who provides the Rehabilitation Package


Introduction to the Rehab personal training package provided by Injury Specialist and Personal Trainer Daniel Steven at just £700


Do you suffer from pain or discomfort when training? Does your shoulder crunch? Does your back hurt sitting at your desk all day? If you answered yes then REHAB Training is what you need.


If you suffer from any muscular aches and pains Daniel will be able to help you and progress your training, helping you get that body you want without the pain using REHAB:


R = Risk Assessment of the Injury – high risk (referral to Medical Profressional) or low risk (see below)


E = Evaluation of Movement Patho-mechanics  (movement dysfunction)


H = Hands-on Loosening Procedures – new ‘general stretches’ and ‘point stretches’


A = Activation Drills and Techniques – to improve muscle control and stability of joints.


B = Begin Training!


Daniel qualified as a Master R.E.H.A.B Trainer over 5 years ago and has since been helping clients recover from injuries both pre and post operation.


What The Package Provides:

Free consultation to discuss the affected areas and to assess whether they are high risk or low risk (see above) Daniel will help you plan an approach to treat, and overcome, the problems getting you back on your feet and able to train effectively.

10 x 1 hour R.E.H.A.B sessions

Each session will consist of hands-on loosening procedures (Myofascial Release) followed by activation drills and techniques.

Progressing you at the optimal pace towards recovery and finally transitioning you into pain free training*


A Word From a client of Daniel Steven who has undergone the Rehabiliation personal training programme

Ed, Injury = fused lower spine due to degraded discs.


I had a back operation back in June 2012 and after a couple of months I was advised by my physio to start exercising.  I met Dan at the gym, who straight away impressed me with his depth of knowledge on the different issues/ problems that had occurred to my body over the years, let alone after the operation.  


We firstly worked on muscle rehab (twice a week) until he was confident to start building up my core muscles.  The rehab not only dramatically reduced the amount of knots in my muscles, it also made my body much more flexible (even more flexible than before my slipped discs!).  He also taught me a whole lot of really easy stretches to carry out at home for 20 minutes a day – I will hold my hand up I have not been great at doing these, however when I have, I have noticed the difference.


After a few weeks of loosening the muscles, Dan was confident to start doing light gym work to build up my core muscles.  His knowledge of how the body works and also his knowledge in all the machinery at the gym, has meant my body has recovered much faster than originally expected by my physio.


Through this whole process I have continued to see a physio who cannot compliment Dan enough on how he has managed to fix, rebuild and restore my posture from just two sessions a week over a few months. 


I cannot thank him enough and there is no doubt that I will continue to use him.”


Please get in touch today by clicking the below link and requesting a Rehabiliation Package. 


*Disclaimer: Neither IgnitePT or DanielStevenPT guarantee full recovery within the 10 sessions provided with the Intro to R.E.H.A.B Personal Training Package, it is only meant to be an introduction into the services provided by Daniel StevenPT and full recovery may take longer.