Chris Rowlatt (Personal Trainer)

Chris Rowlatt has been involved in high level sport from an early age, he has competed to a high standard in football, American football and athletics. It’s his passion for sport that led him to study sport and exercise science at the University of East London, and to dedicate himself to helping his clients achieve their health, fitness and sporting goals.


Elite Personal Trainer Chris Rowlatt at Liverpool Street Moorgate Aldgate Tower Hill

Chris Rowlatt

Personal Trainer - Chris Rowlatt 

Meet Body Transformation and Strength & Conditioning Specialist Chris Rowlatt, one of our elite level personal trainers.

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About Personal Trainer Chris Rowlatt 

Chris specialises in strength and conditioning as well as body transformations. Over his 10-year career in personal training he has helped over 120 clients meet and exceed their goals via a healthy sustainable combination of strength training, conditioning, nutrition and lifestyle changes.


Weightlifting and Bodybuilding Liverpool Street Moorgate Aldgate Tower Hill

Weightlifting and Bodybuilding Coach



Chris’ aim is to show that even people with most hectic of lifestyles can better themselves with subtle changes, which will improve their health, strength, mobility, proprioception and general wellbeing.  See a body transformation below achieved with the assistance of personal trainer Chris:


Toks Body Tranformation Testimonial Liverpool Street Moorgate Aldgate Tower Hill

Body Tranformation results



Chris is currently working towards his Masters in Strength and Conditioning at the University of East London



Personal Trainer Chris Rowlatt's qualifications

UKSCA accredited strength and conditioning coach


REPs Level 3 Advanced Instructor


Kettlebell training academy instructor


Circuits Instructor


Paul Chek advanced programme design



Personal Training Testimonials for personal trainer Chris Rowlatt



Ade Body Tranformation Testimonial Liverpool Street Moorgate Aldgate Tower Hill

Ade's Body Tranformation


“I worked with Chris for 6 months and over that time he helped me revamp my lifestyle completely. My eating habits, sleep and work improved as well as my body, strength and fitness. Training with him was a huge benefit to my life” 

Adetola Oyegbite