Daniel Steven (Rehabiliation and Nutrition Personal Trainer)

Personal Trainer Daniel has been training clients for over 6 years in London and one of his long term clients has this to say about him, "Having thought about Personal Training for several months I finally met with Daniel and he put me at ease straight away and I signed up for a 12 week Transformation package. I've been amazed at what I've been able to achieve fitness wise and the results have been fantastic. I've lost 31lbs and a total of 37.5" in the first 12 weeks and I know I wouldn't have been able to achieve this without Daniel and with these results i didn't hesitate to sign up for a further 12 weeks. For anyone thinking about getting a Personal Trainer i would say don't waste months like I did!"

Email: train@ignitept.co.uk

Personal Trainer Liverpool Street Daniel Steven

Daniel Steven

Personal Trainer - Daniel Steven

Meet Rehabilitation Specialist Daniel Steven, one of our nutritional coach qualifed personal trainers

About Personal Trainer Daniel Steven 

To book a session with Personal Trainer Daniel Steven please email avril.watson@ignitept.co.uk or click the button at the bottom of this profile page. 

Since 2009 Daniel Steven has been training his clients in the Greater London area. Having worked in the suburbs of London Daniel decided it was time for a change of pace so moved his business to the heart of the City of London where he now works training professionals from various industries.

As well as having extensive experience in various forms of training from TRX, to Kettle Bells, to resistance training, Daniel's own experiences and injuries has led him to study, and specialise in, the rehabilitation of injuries relating to muscular and skeletal ailments common amongst regular gym goers. This rehab knowledge was gained from taking both the R.E.H.A.B Foundation and R.E.H.A.B Master Trainer courses through REHAB Trainer.  This has helped Daniel keep his clients injury free and for those already with injuries allowed personal trainer Daniel to direct them on a path towards their health and fitness goals without further injuries occurring.  Daniel's specialist personal training and rehabiliation programmes also often help his clients improve existing injuries. 


Personal Trainer Liverpool Street Aldgate Moorgate Tower Hill E1 EC1 Nutrition PT Daniel Stevens

Personal Trainer Liverpool Street


Personal Trainer Daniel’s other passion is nutrition.  He has studied most recently to be qualified as a Nutritional Coach under REAL Life Nutrition.   Based on the principles of flexible dieting, Daniel’s approach to nutrition is backed by the latest in scientific nutritional research and he aims to help clients create a healthy approach to nutrition, without “fad diet” techniques, giving his personal training clients something that is sustainable in the long term allowing clients to maintain their ideal physique.

Daniel’s philosophy on fitness is that, “Even when you’re pushed to your limits, you should enjoy the journey to a happier, and healthier, you.”

Personal Trainer Daniel Steven Body Transformations

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Liverpool Street Body Transformation



Personal Trainer Daniel Steven qualifications  

Reps Level 3 Personal Trainer

Personal Traiiner Liverpool Street Aldgate Moorgate Tower Hill E1 EC1 Level 3 Advanced Instructor Reps 3 Daniel Stevens

Level 3 Advanced Instructor Reps 3 certificate


Real Life Nutrition Level 1 Coaching Qualification


Personal Traiiner Liverpool Street Aldgate Moorgate Tower Hill E1 EC1 Real Life Nutrition Level 1 Coaching Certificate Daniel Stevens

Real Life Nutrition Level 1 Coaching Certificate