Freddie Sykes (Personal Trainer Liverpool Street)

Three times British National Jiu Jitsu Champion Personal Trainer.


Jiu JitsuPersonal Trainer at Liverpool Street Gym

Freddie Sykes

Personal Trainer - Freddie Sykes

Meet Freddie Sykes, personal trainer based close to Liverpool Street Station who is a martial arts personal trainer 

About Freddie Sykes, our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Personal Trainer 

To book a session with Liverpool Street Personal Trainer Freddie Sykes please email or click the button at the bottom of this profile page. 


When Freddie isn’t competing In Brazilian Jiu jitsu around the world he’s at IGNITEPT teaching people how to make their body perform better.   


Whether it’s training Athletes for competitions or City workers wanting to build muscle / burn fat making small changes can have massive effects Methods not just for training but sleeping , eating and fixing the whole body in order achieve optimum performance no matter where the starting point is.


Freddie has worked with UFC and BAMMA fighters , Professional Golfers , rugby and American football players in the past And hopefully you in the future ....


He is 3x British National Jiu Jitsu Champion.   And has hit the podium in the European Championship in Jiu Jitsu.