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Henry Ives

Personal Trainer offering Body Transformation Services in Liverpool Street - Henry Ives 

Meet Henry Ives, personal trainer offering Body Transformation Services in Liverpool Street for absolute health. absolute strength and human performance.

Personal Trainer located at Liverpool Street Henry Ives

Personal Trainer offering Body Transformation in Liverpoo Street - Henry Ives









About Body Transformation Personal Trainer Henry Ives 

To book a session with Personal Trainer Henry Ives please email avril.watson@ignitept.co.uk or click the button at the bottom of this profile page. 

Henry Ives has e a background in competitive triathlon from his university days, from which he developed a love for strength and conditioning.   After graduating, Henry worked as a strength and conditioning coach, and during that year, ruptured his left kidney in a freak skiing accident.   Henry spent 5 days in intensive care and another week in hospital, and after he made it back to England spent the next 3 months incapacitated.   Henry lost all fitness and muscle, and since then, he has been gradually bringing his body back to the level that it was at. Henry has surpassed that level, and has never been as strong or fit as he is now. Henry's journey has taken him into researching and understanding the importance of in - depth, personalised nutrition, and it was this reason that made him decide to train as a Personal Trainer.

Henry tailors the nutrition programmes of all his clients individually to whatever goal they are working towards, and is constantly surprised by how well this translates to their performance not just on the gym floor, but in all other areas of their life. Henry's clients are trained to eat well and train smart with their body transformation personal trainer in Liverpool Street, a winning combination that is both sustainable and sets them up with knowledge about themselves that will last years.


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