Lewis Smith (Personal Trainer)

Injury rehabilitation and elite personal training from one of London's top personal trainers.

Email: train@ignitept.co.uk

Lewis Smith Personal Trainer Liverpool Street Aldgate Moorgate Tower Hill E1 EC1

Lewis Smith

Personal Trainer - Lewis Smith

Meet Personal Trainer Lewis Smith, personal trainer specialising in strength, fitness, flexibility and mobility.


To book a session with Personal Trainer Lewis Smith please email avril.watson@ignitept.co.uk or click the button at the bottom of this profile page.


About Personal Trainer Lewis Smith 


Varied and challenging training programs are key to keeping your fitness regime interesting and your body constantly adapting and improving to whatever demands you may need to meet.

With this in mind, Lewis aims to deliver sessions that are designed to challenge people of all levels of fitness, regardless of their background and ability to ensure they achieve their specific goals and reach new levels of :


If you struggle with injuries and possibly pain, you might feel lost and apprehensive about exercise. You don't want to hurt yourself any more and may have never been shown the proper techniques for exercise, to rehabilitate your body and build strength. You don't want to go to the gym alone or take part in group classes because it is likely to cause further damage. While doctors and physiotherapists will help with the rehabilitation process, you need someone who understands your situation to teach you correct movement and how to exercise to ensure safety and results.  Lewis Smith is the personal trainer for you.