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Biosignature Modulation is a scientific fat loss system, invented by strength coach Charles Poliquin, that lets you know why you store body fat in certain areas and not others, by analysing your hormonal profile. By taking body fat measurements with calipers from 12 key sites around the body, we can determine the areas you need to work on to improve your body composition. The measurements allow us to understand the hormonal profile of your body, so that a nutrition and training plan can be written which is 100% specific to you.


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Nikki Clarke

Personal Trainer - Nikki Clarke

Meet Fat Loss Transformation Specialist Nikki Clarke, one of our biosignature qualifed personal trainers.

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Liverpool Street Personal Trainer

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About Personal Trainer Nikki Clarke 

Nikki Clarke is a specialist in fat loss transformations.   He is highly experienced having worked as a Personal Trainer for over 10 years.  Nikki is particularly renowned for having honed his skills to ensure he gets superlative results with all his clients in short amounts of time.

His aim with all clients is not only to get them the quickest results possible, but also to educate them along the way. This means that once they have lost weight it stays off, because part of the programme is teaching them how to eat and exercise correctly for their body type.

It doesn’t matter how unfit or out of shape you are when you start with Nikki, as long as you commit he will 100% guarantee to get you looking and feeling better than ever.

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