Jason Patmore (Trainer)

Jason is a knowledgeable and dedicated Personal Trainer who will help you achieve your goals even around your busy lifestyle. His claim to fame is that he Tackled Prince Harry on the rugby pitch while serving for HM Forces.

Email: train@ignitept.co.uk

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Jason Patmore

Personal Trainer - Jason Patmore


Meet our personal trainer Jason Patmore, who achieved Fitness model status in the Miami Pro world championship.


About Personal Trainer Jason Patmore (Testimonials)


To book a session with Personal Trainer Jason Patmore please email avril.watson@ignitept.co.uk or click the button at the bottom of this profile page. 

Jason is an ex-military physical training instructor who believes that a mixture of discipline, courage and commitment is the ultimate tool to reach your health and fitness goals, whatever they might be.

He has a multi-stage thought process that he incorporates with his clients over a minimum of 16 week period that has given him a proven track record especially with highly professional and dedicated city based workers with busy lifestyle. Jason has a highly adaptable and versatile system that helps people even with the busiest lifestyle manage their fitness needs around what they already do well.

If your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle mass or transform your body into something you never thought you would be able to achieve, Jason knows what it takes. As he was once extremely overweight and unfit, he is the perfect role model for aspiring clients who wish to achieve the same goals.

Jason competed as a Fitness model in the latest Miami Pro world championship.


Personal Trainer Jason Patmore's articles for Mens Health magazine - Bicep curls.



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