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You will now have had the chance to experience a full training session as well as getting a flavour for the holistic nature of my training style and the potential of what can be achieved.



Luke Grainger

Personal Trainer - Luke Grainger


Meet Fat Loss expert Luke Grainger, personal trainer who guarantees drastic results


About Personal Trainer Luke Grainger (Testimonials)

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“In choosing Luke as your personal trainer you are making the conscious decision to improve your health and fitness above and beyond your expectations – you won’t look back!”

Minal Patel


The Royal Bank of Scotland



3-Steps to achieving Excellent Results through Personal Training with Luke Grainger 

Step 1 - Nutrition and lifestyle assessment

Luke provides a holistic training experience which starts with a short series of e-questionnaires that must be completed and returned prior to your first session. These questionnaires seek to understand aspects of your nutrition and lifestyle, as well as establishing your metabolic type.

This will help to lay the foundation for a healthy eating regime. 

Step 2 - Session 1 - Detailed Body measurements by your personal trainer

Session 1 will largely be used to establish your current fitness levels and state of health. We may have to complete all or at least some of the assessments outlined below.

Please note that these are your sessions and the last thing Luke want’s is for you to feel uncomfortable. You have a license to decline any of the assessments if you wish not to do them.

Assessments include:

Body Fat Measurements (with calipers)

Circumfram Measurements


Body Fat Percentage

Lean Muscle Mass Weight

Fat Weight

Strength Grip Test

Nutritional Planning and Evaluation (including Food Diary assessment)

Fitness Tests

Posture Analysis 

Step 3 – Session 2 – Personal Trainer workouts

Step 3 will begin with Session 2, your first "real work" session. Thanks to Steps 1 and 2 Luke now has all the information he needs to tailor your session time to meet your wants and needs.

Onwards and Upwards

You will now have had the chance to experience a full training session as well as getting a flavour for the holistic nature of my training style and the potential of what can be achieved. At this stage I would hope that you are in a position to knuckle down to some hard (enjoyable) work over the coming weeks and months. Sessions need to be booked in blocks and will include regular reviews to chart your progress, keeping abreast of your body’s changes and adaptations to your new exercise and nutrition regime. You will also have the option of email or telephone support as I will do all I can to make your quest for health and fitness as quick, easy and painless as possible.

Best personal trainer with in depth qualfications:

Fat Loss Micromanagement Programs*

Nutritional Adviser
Boxing / Thai Boxing Coach

REPS level 3-Elite Trainer

Fat loss Specialist

MMA/Cage Fighting Coach

Muscle Gain and Strength and Conditioning Programs 

Olympic Lifting Coach

Kettlebell Coach

Sports Specific Conditioning

Life Coaching

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Programs 

Sports Massage and Injury Rehabilitation Therapist

Premier Training International Advanced Diploma

Bespoke Remote Health Consultations

Home / Office 1-2-1 and Group Training 


Hire a Personal Trainer who understands and can deliver.

Luke understands the stresses of life in city having previously worked as a broker. He has also personally lost 6 stone (38 Kilos / 84 lbs) of body fat. He knows firsthand how to create drastic results and lasting change. As well as being a Personal Trainer, Luke is also a Public Speaker* and Corporate Lifestyle Coach*.


Luke Grainger Personal Trainer Testimonials