Tim Ayling (Certified Personal Trainer)

Tim Ayling has been Neil Prior's personal trainer since IgnitePT first opened their doors. Neil's view of Tim is "His varied and challenging regime provides me with a thorough workout each time I have a session with him. My energy and fitness levels have increased substantially in the past years and I have even been able to train whilst carrying an injury thanks to Tim's ability to work specific parts of the body without causing issues with the damaged area"

Email: train@ignitept.co.uk

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Tim Ayling

Personal Trainer - Tim Ayling 

Meet Crossfit enthusiast Tim Ayling, one of our highest qualifed personal trainers


To book a session with Personal Trainer Tim Ayling please email avril.watson@ignitept.co.uk or click the button at the bottom of this profile page.

Personal Trainer Tim Ayling

Elite Personal Trainer Tim Ayling


About Personal Trainer Tim Ayling (Testimonials)

Tim is very passionate about helping people to achieve their goals and since 2006 has been committed to creating positive changes in the lifestyle of his clients.

He utilises innovative, simple and effective coaching techniques, coupled with specifically designed programs to get the job done. Tim invests heavily in his own training which in turn allows him to invest heavily in yours! Tim constantly strives for excellence for both himself and you!

Having completed a course in Advanced Functional Training as well as a number of certifications on various functional training apparatus, means that he has a great understanding of the principles of function and biomechanics. This allows him to train clients for both sports specific or rehabilitation goals.  

Personal Trainer Tim Ayling on the TRX

TRX pressups with Personal Trainer Tim Ayling

Certified Personal Trainer

Crossfit Level 1

Crossfit Movement and Mobility

REPS (Register of Exercise Professional) Level 3 Advanced Training Instructor

Faster Fitness Advanced Functional Training

Advanced Extreme Kettlebell Instructor

IBBC Bulgarian Bag Certified Instructor

Extreme Performance Boxing Instructor

Circuit Instructor

Core conditioning and functional techniques

Tim Ayling Personal Trainer displaying pure strength

Personal Trainer Tim Ayling displaying his pure strength


Fitness Trainer London 


Strength and Conditioning

Sports Specific training & Speed and Agility

Fat loss and muscle gain

Circuit training


Bulgarian Bag Training




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