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Improve flexibility and range of movement

Flexibility Training uses functional Training exercises which target multiple body parts with each movement or exercise.  Functional Training initially started in the sports conditioning and rehabilitation world and is now widely adopted as an effective training mechanism to enhance people’s lives.

Functional Training is about movement continuum.  In daily life we perform a huge range of different movements such as walking, jogging, climbing, jumping, pushing, pulling etc. These activities involve smooth rhythmic motion in the three planes of movement sagittal, frontal and transverse.  In order to build muscle strength (stabiliser muscles as well as the main target muscles), joint integrity, balance and flexibility in these planes of motion, it is essential that the body is exercised in a functional manner. Training to improve functional strength involves more than simply increasing the force producing capability of a group of muscles, rather it requires training to enhance co-ordination between the nervous and muscular systems.

Core stability, flexibility and balance are key factors when designing a functional exercise routine.  It is important to maintain posture while being able to move all joints in a full range of motion.

Flexibility is a very important facet of any exercise programme but one which is often neglected.  The body’s movements are hampered when flexibility and posture are distorted.  When a muscle is tight it limits its ability to contract effectively causing ineffecient movements, sometimes pain and risk of injury.  Without flexibility the body’s movement becomes limited and great results are difficult to achieve.

Functional Training is also fun as it is designed to be full of challenges and include both mental and physical stimulation.


Flexibility and range of motion

Improved posture and balance 

Metabolic training which helps strip body fat 

Strength, power and speed gains 

Muscular endurance 

Cardio vascular fitness, improved aerobic and anaerobic energy 

Can be focused to provide training for sports specific fitness 

Injury prevention and injury rehabilitation

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